If a writer falls in love with you….

It’s always been an outlet for me.. Since I was 14, my grandmother got me my first journal for my birthday. Ever since then, an old hobby turned into a every-day necessity. When I would deal with family issues, gossip, men, school, insecurities, friendships, faith, and any obstacle this world has to offer, writing was the only way out for me. I can honestly say, at some points, it truly saved my life. So, here I am. Finally making a blog about everything I deal with and think about. Lets hope writing continues to affect me in the right direction now.


“If a writer falls in love with you, you can never die.” -Mik Everett


One thought on “If a writer falls in love with you….

  1. This is awesome. I hope you continue to write. If you ever need help to publish a novel, please let me know and I’ll show you how. As a Samoan and Pasifika writer, I help out with promoting and helping our Pasifika writers to get published. I don’t mind at all and I had freely done it and still referring everyone to publish with guidelines to make their adventures more convenient. You will find my books on Amazon and I hope you consider writing novellas – you can!
    Here’s the link for my books


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